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See how various names are pronounced, their origins, meanings, and predicted personality traits.

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  • How do I add new names ?

    Click to search for the name to be added to see if it already exists on the platform, if not, click to add the name. You will be required to sign up if you don’t have an account or sign in if you have an existing account with Names Lexicon. Once you get to your dashboard, you will be presented with a form to add the name along with a few other details, then submit. .

  • How do I get the Names Lexicon APIs?

    Gain access to our developer's account by clicking on and signing up as a developer. After filling in a few details and verifying your email, you will be required to pay a one-time developer's fee to gain access to the Names Lexicon APIs Directory.

  • What is the Names Lexicon Newsfeed all about?

    The Names Lexicon newsfeed is a timeline feature that has been incorporated into every user’s dashboard. This helps to foster relationships and bonds between users of similar names via their discussions on the timeline together with a Digital Hangout option to encourage digital meets between namesakes.

  • How can I get the Names Lexicon Extensions?

    Simply go the developers account or enter this link into your url on your browser, the pop up to download the Names Lexicon extension will come up on your browser so that you can click to install. Or download it from the links made available to you so that it redirects you to your browser extension store.

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