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5 steps in creating an ad on Names Lexicon

Sign up or Sign in

Gain access to the Names Lexicon Advertorial platform by signing up with your email or by using your Names Lexicon signed-up user details to log in.

Select your Advertorial Preference

You can choose to be a publisher using the ad link provided to earn by promoting ads on your platforms or by placing ads to promote your brand and business.

Choose your Ad campaign

For placing ads, click on Campaigns to add a new campaign and post your ads. You have the option of selecting a Text Graphic or a Banner.

Add Banners and Ads to for approval

Click on the ads or banner buttons to fill in your advertorial details for display so that it can be reviewed by our advetorial team before it is approved as an advert on the Names Lexicon platform.

Measure and review your ad performances

Upon approval, your Names Lexicon advertising campaign is live! Now it’s time to see how your ads are performing after funding your ad wallet. You can access your analytics by visiting Campaign Menu to view the statistics for each campaign active.

Advert Guide

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in reaching their target audience


Create easy and eye Catching Ad.

If you aim to generate more leads and also improve on your brand awareness, Names Lexicon Advertorial Platform can take you there. Follow these easy steps


Control your Ads Viewership and Costs

Control your spend with flexible pricing options. Start with any budget and stop your Names Lexicon ads at any time.


Earn by using the Publisher’s Ad Link

Earn more by putting the Names Lexicon publisher’s ad link on your websites and other online platforms to promote other brands and products.

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