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Names Lexicon partners with diverse corporations to best serve their existing users, break better marketing grounds and drive substantial growth.

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Achieve your business goals
with Names Lexicon

Names Lexicon provides tools and support to deliver a trans-formative drive to our shared Customers.

By Partnering with Names Lexicon, your users/consumers achieve more in using your platforms as we provide solutions that helps distinguish your business from the competition, giving more functionality to support your business growth.

Access benefits designed just for you


Access and Support

We offer dedicated strategic and sales support for our partners, based on market and business size.


Software Solutions

Gain access to our APIs so you can easily integrate the Names Lexicon functionality into your platforms as well as mobile Applications.


Publicity Support

Promotional offers that allows helps gives advertising marketing budgets a boost when using Names Lexicon Ads.

Join the Names Lexicon Partners today.

Asides Networking with Strategic Partners that encourages the use and the importance of the Names Lexicon platform to the community, we offer free marketing consultancy that helps your company stand out attracting you more audience.

Leading your Business to more Success

Names Lexicon helps it’s partners in utilizing it’s best resources and tools in enhancing the function- ability of their products while also learning different paths in providing more solutions to help their consumer’s satisfaction.

We also find solutions that will help the business grow and meet the ever growing demand of the market.