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/AO-DRah, AW drah, AW druh./


History: Derived from the Old English Æđelþpryđ or Æthelthryth, a compound name composed of the elements æđel, æthel (noble) and þryđ, thryth (might, strength): hence the name.

Usage: English, Germanic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, French


Noble strength, (Lithuanian) Storm.

Personality Traits

Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. A Naturally Benevolent, Laid-back and Realistic Person. Most times Irascible. Notably Intelligent, Treasures Self-liberty and Pleasantly Gregarious. Sometimes Prioritizes Self-interest. An Astute, Well-adjusted, and Resolute Minded Person. Sometimes Rigid and Unyielding.

Other Forms: Audrie Audrina Audrey Audry Audrea Audelia Audene Audessa Audi Audie Audree Audreen Audri Audria Audris Audry Audrye

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Usage: Denmark, France, England, Sweden, Finland


Noble strength

Personality Traits

Other Forms: