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History: Ayoub is the Arabic name of the biblical figure Job. Eyüp is the Turkish variant of the same name. Ejub is the Bosnian variant of the same name. This name is borne by Christians (in Lebanon and elsewhere) as well as by Muslims.

Usage: Arabic, Lebanon


Messenger of Allah.

Personality Traits

Notably Intelligent, Treasures Self-liberty and Pleasantly Gregarious. Sometimes Prioritizes Self-interest. A Creatively Gifted, Charmingly Alluring, Independent and Assertive Person. Most times Vacillates and Get Perplexed. Efficient and Determined. Caring. Diligent Disposition. Displays Exaggerated Emotions for Due Advantage. Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. Emotionally Cautious, Amiable, and A Generous Person. Sometimes Belligerent.

Other Forms: Ayyoub Ayub Ayoob Eyup Ejub