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Usage: Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, United States of America.


The one chosen among all

Personality Traits

Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. Efficient and Determined. Caring. Diligent Disposition. Displays Exaggerated Emotions for Due Advantage. A Mild-mannered and Affectionate Person who Occasionally Retreats in Disposition. Most times Responsible and Committed. Intuitive Nature. Earnestly Diligent. High Sense of Self-assurance. Hot-headed and Swift Thinker. A Positively Energetic and Lovey-dovey Person with Affinity for Religion. Sometimes Gullible. An Adaptive Thinker, Unjustifiable Risk Taker, Charismatic and Charming. Most times Fortunate with Riches.

Other Forms: