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/Qa-sim, K AA -SihM/


History: The name Qasim is primarily a male name of Arabic origin that means One Who Shares, Divides.

Usage: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United States


One who shares, Distributes, Divides

Personality Traits

An Adaptive Thinker, Unjustifiable Risk Taker, Charismatic and Charming. Most times Fortunate with Riches. Intuitive Nature. Earnestly Diligent. High Sense of Self-assurance. Hot-headed and Swift Thinker. Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. A Self-controlled and Naturally Avid Person with some Mysterious Aura. Sometimes Inclined to Boredom. A Polished, Well-Mannered and Inspiring Person. Most times Acts Lily-livered in the face Challenges.

Other Forms: Sim