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History: This is the name of a Hindu river goddess, also associated with learning and the arts, who is the wife of Brahma.

Usage: India, Nepal, Indonesia,


Goddess of knowledge and wisdom

Personality Traits

An Attractive, Sociable and Articulate Speaker. Sometimes Avaricious. An Adaptive Thinker, Unjustifiable Risk Taker, Charismatic and Charming. Most times Fortunate with Riches. Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. A Positively Energetic and Lovey-dovey Person with Affinity for Religion. Sometimes Gullible. A Polished, Well-Mannered and Inspiring Person. Most times Acts Lily-livered in the face of Challenges. A Naturally Benevolent, Laid-back and Realistic Person. Most times Irascible.

Other Forms: Saraswatee Saraswateigh Saraswati Saraswatie Saraswaty Zaraswati Zaraswaty