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/ah DOLE fee nah/


History: Adolfina is compound derived from the Old High German Athalwolf (or Hadulf), a composition of athal, or adal.

Usage: Argentine, Chilean, English, German, Italian, Mexican, Peruvian


Noble wolf.

Personality Traits

Efficient and Determined. Caring. Diligent Disposition. Displays Exaggerated Emotions for Due Advantage. A Polished, Well-Mannered and Inspiring Person. Most times Acts Lily-livered in the face Challenges. A Mild-mannered and Affectionate Person who Occasionally Retreats in Disposition. Most times Responsible and Committed. An Astute, Well-adjusted, and Resolute Minded Person. Sometimes Rigid and Unyielding. An Admirably Social, Naturally Creative and Insatiably Curious Person. Sporadically Envious. A Reasonable, Ebullient, Brilliant Person. Sometimes Awkwardly Careless. Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited.

Other Forms: Adolfia Adolfya Adolpha