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History: Latin form of Eve, which is from the Hebrew Hayya, meaning "life" or "breathe". The name of the first woman in the Bible

Usage: Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Hebrew, Mexcio, Peru, Puerto Rico


Breath of life, a diminutive form of Eva, living, and breathing, alive, living.

Personality Traits

A Polished, Well-Mannered and Inspiring Person. Most times Acts Lily-livered in the face Challenges. A Self-reliant, Clever, Unpredictable and Compassionate Person. Most times Willing to Relieve Other's Suffering. Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. An Honest, Laudably Hardworking and Loyal Person. Most times Erratic. A Positively Energetic and Lovey-dovey Person with Affinity for Religion. Sometimes Gullible.

Other Forms: