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/mar-gha-REE-ta(Spanish) mər-gu-RYEE-tə(Russian)/


History: Another common origin tale begins the cocktail's history at the legendary Balinese Room in Galveston, Texas where, in 1948, head bartender Santos Cruz created the margarita for singer Peggy (Margaret).

Usage: Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek, Late Roman


It means pearl.

Personality Traits

A Naturally Benevolent, Laid-back and Realistic Person. Most times Irascible. A Polished, Well-Mannered and Inspiring Person. Most times Acts Lily-livered in the face of Challenges. A Positively Energetic and Lovey-dovey Person with Affinity for Religion. Sometimes Gullible. Venturesome Ace, Natural Leader, and Self-assured. Sometimes Conceited. A Sound Instinct, Knowledgeable, Exceedingly Judicious and Loves to be Pious. Sometimes Skeptical. Intuitive Nature. Earnestly Diligent. High Sense of Self-assurance. Hot-headed and Swift Thinker.

Other Forms: Margery marguerite Margherita Margert Margaretta Marguerita Margart